Later That Day

The sun shined all day and it warmed up quite a bit. Some time, late morning, we heard cracking and the arch collapsed -- gone forever, revealing 3 pieces that are attached beneath the waterline to a giant mass. Lots of iceberg debris floating in the cove. As the ice comes up, people scurried to collect chips and blocks for their freezers. It's very good in cocktails.

In this photo, check out the boat for scale. The berg starts to rotate and changes position of the 3 pieces throughout the day to create visually new shapes as if it were on a rotating model stand. Eventually it settles down and is fixed in one position. The sunset here takes a while. It's not as quick as it is back home. It lingers a bit -- the sun doesn't totally set until about 10:00. I watched the sky change from grey and overcast with a strip of clouds catching the yellow sunlight to a scarlet sky, that literally looked like it was on fire. I've never quite seen an entire sky like that.

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