The Cabin

Finally arrived at our main destination, the cabin in Crow Head. It is basically an observation deck with a bedroom attached. It's not really the moon with an atmosphere as you might think from this photo. Beautiful day, can't wait to get started exploring.

From a trail that leads down to the ocean. Incredible views everywhere.

That's not a dirty iceberg. None on the horizon as of yet. In years past, we have been told (and from our research) this view has been filled with icebergs -- all lined up and too many to count. It's easy to count today, nothing. Now we move on and check out the peninsula.

Setting Moon, Pike's Arm

Moonset, 4 am. Beautiful, beautiful light. A promising start for what I hope to be a wonderful day.

Look Who's Here

Modern amenities, look what evil they bring.

Pike's Arm, A Beautiful Place

In Pike's Arm, a view of our next stay. An old house that's been renovated with modern amenities. Great location and even has...

...a possible studio! Fresh coat of paint and good to go. What do you think?

Beautiful view at the water's edge. They tell me icebergs come right up to your nose here. I'm waiting.

First Night: Saint David's

We have arrived at the Maidstone Inn in Saint David's. A beautiful property located on the west coast. The trees learn to bend to the power of the wind -- a learning lesson here, no bending, no living.

Steps to the sea, I took a pass and you would too if you're smart. This decision comes under the bending law (see above).

Our first morning. A beautiful property -- a great blend of sky, atmosphere, trees, water and meadow.

Fog, I fear will be a frequent visitor. Time for breakfast - 3 fried eggs, lots of bacon, thick cut toast with baked apple jelly (accept it's not apples) and hash browns fried in cod oil. Yum yum! Wonderful hosts, Margaret, Bob and  Lisa. Thanks for a great stay.

Ferry to Newfoundland

Greeted with rain and fog and did I say fog? Hopefully this weather won't last long. The view from my seat on the ferry.

My private dark cabin -- private in a sense that everybody else on the ship wanted to be in the lounge where the food and bright lights are. Fortunately, smooth seas. I've been on rougher lakes.

We made it. Entrance to the harbor at Channel Port Aux Basques Newfoundland. The quest begins.

New Brunswick to Nova Scotia

Cape Breton, Bras D'Or

New Brunswick to Nova Scotia -- a beautiful drive at 58 MPH. Looking forward to settling soon. Ferry to Newfoundland tomorrow. A foot of snow reported in some areas.

Crossing the Border

Waiting for clearance at the Canadian border

Because we haven't been to Canada in quite some time, 18 years since our honeymoon, Canadian authorities wanted to do a background check to see if everything was kosher. We passed with flying colors and were on our way within the hour. Drove across New Brunswick, amazing massive clouds, great light the whole way. It was beautiful. Weather forecast for Twillingate: snow. Yay! By now you should all know that I love snow.

Artist in Residence at my Studio

Flashback to 2013, Paul helping in my studio priming canvases. I felt a little like Tom Sawyer here.

I miss my studio already. My son, Paul, will be the artist in residence at my studio whilst I’m iceberg hunting. Living amongst the chipmunks for him will be a breath of fresh air.

In Search of Icebergs, Day 1, none sited

Traffic and rain

Barbara and I are off to an amazing start on our trip to Newfoundland. We helped a young musician jump start his car at a gas station while we were fueling up and then we were immediately rewarded with roads full of traffic all the way through Connecticut. Slow going but we made it to Maine. We're slightly ahead of schedule and raring to go.  I haven't seen an iceberg yet, very disappointed.

Tree Portraits

"Sentinel", oil/panel, 36x36

10 paintings from my White Pine Suite will be shown locally at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford, PA -- not too far from the trees at the Marie Zimmerman Estate that inspired these paintings. There will be a reception this Sunday, from 5-7. If you're in the area, stop by and say hello.

Hotel Fauchere, 401 Broad Street, Milford PA
Sunday, May 20th, 5-7