Filming a Painting Demonstration

Setting up the shot with filmmaker, Sam Mordenga
This week I'm filming a landscape painting demonstration video. Besides the actual painting, I will also be covering the studio environment and materials. The DVD will be available in the next few months.

Day 3 on "Extinguished"

"Extinguished" in progress

After letting a few days go by to enable the paint to set up, I went at this painting strong today -- laid in some big shapes, painted some of the sky closer to what I've been looking for. The painting is well on it's way and I have a very good feeling of how this will develop -- a lot more work to do.

"Passage" Underway

In the studio with Lisa and Paul while Paul busily stretches 2 canvases for me and Lisa documents it on her phone. Each canvas is 72"x72" and will make up the third part of the White Pine Suite, Passage.

The start of the painting Extinguished -- the first of the two paintings that make up Passage.