Workshop Week

Behind this door, lies a wonderful, cool workshop space

Workshop this week in Milford, PA. To see some of Barbara's photos from the week, visit her blog, Life with Peter.

First Place, ARC Salon

Winter Storm Clearing, oil/linen, 30x40

Winter Storm Clearing has been awarded First Place in Landscape in the Art Renewal Center's Annual Salon. This painting is all about waiting and being patient. I stood at this location on an overcast winter afternoon (see Life With Peter), freezing and shivering, hoping that the sun would break through the overcast sky. Magically, the sun cooperated and peaked through the clouds to illumniate this field which created this dramatic play of light that I found most inspiring. This magic moment lasted than 20 seconds, then the sun dipped behind the clouds and it was gone for the day. Available through Travis Gallery.