2019 Workshop Dates

Talking about painting

Join me in 2019 for 3 day and 5 day painting workshops. Among other things, you will learn how to redesign the elements of your photo reference to create more dynamic and compelling paintings. Details on my website... www.peterfiore.com.

Making Icebergs

Back in the studio and hard at work -- many paintings in progress. Hopefully in the next month or so I'll have some finished paintings to share.

Additional photos from our trip can be found on my Instagram, @petermfiore and on Barbara's Instagram, @barbarafioreart.

The Journey Home

Bye-bye Newfoundland. It's been a magical adventure. Looking forward to getting back to the studio and going through all of my material. I've been away from my easel too long -- feels like it's been an eternity.

Signal Hill, St. John's

That is Signal Hill in the distance viewed from The Rooms, the art and history museum in St. Johns.

Like Frederic Church, I'm standing on Signal Hill looking for icebergs. Just like then, nothing. No bergs. The man went north.

Bye Bye Bergy...

Just as it's time for us to leave Upper Amherst Cove, our iceberg has started to break up and is sailing out to sea.  It's been amazing to have the time to study and photograph this iceberg and to learn all of it's nuance. The timing of it's arrival to greet us a week ago and now it's break up and exiting at the same time as we are, is truly magical. We're headed to St. John's next, the capital, to spend a few days before we catch the 16 hour ferry to Nova Scotia and then our long drive home.

Private Charter

The weather cleared and we went out again to visit the big iceberg. We did a private charter with Skipper Derm to get us out to the berg at sunset. I asked if he could keep the boat positioned between the iceberg and the setting sun and he was very accommodating. What I wanted to capture is the warmth of the setting sun on the iceberg. What a great evening that was.

Earlier in the day, the water was calm so naturally when we got on the boat the wind kicked up and the ocean became a real ocean with swells, rough water and a lot of up and down and side to side and often all at the same time. Needless to say, I was feeling it. I learned a long time ago, allow yourself to be sick and then you'll be fine and that's what I did. Barbara mercifully didn't capture that. Surprisingly, crab cakes were not the best choice for lunch.