Artnot Art Museum 75th Regional


My painting Extinguished is on display at the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, NY. It has been included in the 75th Regional Exhibition. Here is my statement about this painting...

My work focuses on the narrative landscape. Trees serve as the subject matter and inspiration for many of my paintings. From the saplings to the scarred, I explore symbols of humanity: life and death, growth and change, rebirth and sustainability. I find a human connection—a universal scenario.  Extinguished is one of a pair of paintings that makes up the body of work PassageGenesis is the painting of birth, where you have a small sapling growing in the shadows and coming into the light. Extinguished is the end of life as symbolized by the last light of the day hitting the top of the tree. Now that this tree is dying, lichen is flourishing, vines and creatures occupy the physical space of the tree, it sustains life… nature’s cycle. 

If you're in the area, stop in. The show will be there all summer. Barbara has a piece too, The Standoff.