"Tangle 1" Finished

"Tangle 1" oil/linen, 50x50. Also know as "Lusciously Lit Limbs".

"Tangle 1" (detail 1)

 "Tangle 1" (detail 2)

"Tangle 1" (detail 3)

Summer Painting Workshop

Color mixing demo

I'm announcing the dates for my 2014 summer workshop in Milford, PA. "Landscape Painting: Beyond the Photograph" in Milford, PA. The workshop will run from July 14th through 18th with a welcome dinner on Sunday, July 13th. For more information and to register, visit my website, peterfiore.com. Hope to see you there!

A New Series Emerges

"Untitled", in progress

Working with very small touches of color

Placing some very delicate marks

A new series emerges for me --  "The Tangle". Part of the series will deal with trees and the abstraction that is made by the flashes of light upon limbs, branches and twigs. Making order out of visual chaos. A big painting while planned with large shapes and basic color concept, in this case a very warm early morning light, comes down to the individual marks and the calligraphy of the brush. This is what is most exciting for me -- the drawing and the dance and the play of light skipping along the branches.

Painting Giveaway

Golden Spotlight, oil/panel, 12x24 inches

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