An Excerpt From my DVD, "River Bend"

An excerpt about mixing warm and cool colors from my DVD, "River Bend". To purchase or learn more, visit

The Artist's Road

In the Garden, oil/panel, 36x36

I have recently been featured on The Artist's Road website. Here's an excerpt from "Voices of Experience: Peter Fiore"....

After successfully being an illustrator for many years, I realized that I was not a happy illustrator. I got tired of solving other people's problems. There are only so many times you can do the same picture. I started doing smaller jobs that gave me total freedom. With that total freedom I would try different ways of painting. I got paid to learn how to paint. That's how I treated those kind of jobs. I always painted for myself over the years, but finally in 2002, I decided to stop the illustration and jump into the painting I wanted to do. I much prefer where I am now.