Decision... Moving On

The morning after the storm -- no icebergs arrived. We spent the morning seeing that the water and power were restored while debating whether we should stay at the cabin. We love the cabin, but maybe it's time to move on.

We packed everything up and went to breakfast to talk it over. We checked all of the iceberg sites and nothing appeared to be on the horizon. Decision made, time to move. Barbara had inquired about a new AirBNB on the Bonavista peninsula in an area that icebergs were had been spotted. As we packed the car to go, a pickup truck pulled up and 3 people jumped out, a couple and their guide. The couple ran to the deck of the cabin, excitedly looking for icebergs. The guide had told them this is where they would see them. Peter told them, there are no icebergs heres and the guide said, "Oh they're coming! 62 icebergs are on their way." And then they all jumped in the truck and left. We were once again faced with a dilemma -- do we believe this guy who is theoretically an expert (or huckster) or do we believe in our own convictions. We went with our gut and left -- a little bittersweet, we had planned to be here for the month.

On our drive south, we got a message from our next hosts Sheila and Chris, that there is an iceberg in the cove. We are excited at the news but pessimistic about what that really means.

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