Iceberg! Iceberg! Iceberg!

It's just over a three hour drive to our new location, Upper Amherst Cove. We are anxious and hopeful what this iceberg could possibly be. As we round a corner, off in the distance, we see against the shoreline what appears to be a real, bonafide, gigantic iceberg with an arch, no less. I photograph like crazy, we mark the spot on the GPS so we know how to get back here. Back in the car, we follow the directions to our new home. Just as Sheila said, we pass the cemetery on our right, we pass the pond on our left, we drive between 2 white houses, we go up an incline and then we go down the hill and there it is.... there is a giant iceberg with an arch right in front of us. I get out of the car and start photographing.

When my pulse comes back to earth, we continue with what's left of our journey.... about 100 feet to the house. And there in front of the house is this amazing profile of this giant iceberg. It's as if it is waiting for us. The arch looks like an open eye that is winking at me. Yay! 

What are the chances of a random house choice having the biggest and best iceberg season parked right outside our door. That evening, the cove was full of photographers and iceberg lovers from all over the world. Everyone was talking about this being the best iceberg of the year. Someone was watching out for us. 

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