Wet Paint - Spring Green, Herricks Cove

Spring Green, Herricks Cove, oil/canvas, 18"x24"

On this day the light was clear, sharp -- just spectacular. Color bounced every where. The water reflected the sky, leaves moved in the breeze. This scene was full of constant motion. That's what I wanted to capture.

The variety of edges is what representational painting is all about. Compare the crisp edges of the sunlit roof of the boathouse and it's left edge, all created with a painting knife, with the soft edges of the surrounding areas -- this is what creates depth between the boathouse and tree line. Color within the boathouse suggests the reflected light of the sky off the water with the mingling of warm and cool greens.

The leaves of this birch tree go from shadow into light. The variety of greens that are used are what help create the illusion of space. The dull earth greens contrasting with the sharp crisp yellow greens create the illusion of light. The various angles and facets of the leaves lend to the impression of a slight breeze in the air.

Here the water is painted very softly with a variety of color in contrast to the shoreline which is darker and warmer. In the upper right of this detail, the water is painted with the edge of a knife to create the spacial relationship between water and land. Where the water meets the shoreline is kept down in value to ensure the land jumps up above it.

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  1. The warm glow behind the lit part of the barn roof is so choice. Masterful!