Wet Paint - Barn at Tizzano

Barn at Tizzano, oil/canvas, 18"x24"

This is an outbuilding on the property where we last stayed in Tuscany. The last light of the day with it's warm glow caught the building, trees and grass.

I liked the intermingling of the warm and cool notes on the facade of the barn as well as the soft edges of the vine growing across the space.

The depth in the trees is created by the use of various values of green -- from the deep that recede to the lighter touches that sit on the surface and jump out at the viewer.

Giving depth and interest to a simple area like a lawn is no easy matter. It needs to be designed. In this case, I created transparent areas by scraping down opaque passages and then painting on top with other values, colors and textures to create depth. Instead of glazing, I chose to use all opaque pigments to create close values and textures so they would lie together on a flat plane.


  1. LOVE this one.

  2. I like your descriptions of using paint. Reminds me of the similar application of pastels. Very painterly, which I why I find your paintings so attractive. Thank you.