Beauty From the Beast

The soot filled beast

Quelling the beast

Beauty restored

I've been dealing with a 6 week disaster of epic proportions. My entire studio was the victim of a disastrous kerosene heater debacle. The space was completely filled with soot -- that is all 3 levels including my paintings in storage, not to mention hundreds of photos, books, supplies, photography equipment, computers and 28 years worth of illustration from my previous life. I have been dealing with the clean up ever since with the help of ServPro. Without them, this beast would live on. The clean up will continue deep into the future as we work our way through stacks of paintings. The end is insight and I'm looking forward to resuming painting. I remember I painted at one time.


  1. Oh my goodness Peter!! So sorry to hear of your troubles!! What a huge job--so happy you were able to save your work tho. Hoping all gets back to normal soon for you. I love your work and bet you are really missing painting! All the best! :D

  2. It's obvious, you have coped well so far. Wishing you the quickest full recovery ever!

  3. So sorry to hear this...good grief! Glad you have help with the clean up. And glad it wasn't a fire taking it all out!

    When these things happen I try to think of it as a time to regroup and rethink...awfully difficult nonetheless. Good luck with the clean up....

  4. Peter - Friends had their home torched by a kerosene heater. What a disaster that was! Nothing was salvageable. It sounds as if your place fared better and you were able to save some of your work and property. Thank goodness! Ruined PF paintings and illustrations would have been a true loss to all of us.