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Winter Tangle Intro Price Ends Soon

If you are interested in downloading my new video, Winter Tangle, the time is now. The $30 introductory price is good through the first week of January and then it goes up...

NEW Painting Demo Download

Winter Tangle Download
Today I am announcing the release of my new video download, "Peter Fiore Painting Winter Tangle". In this two hour painting demonstration, you will see my painting emerge from photo reference through it's completion, all prima, along with a full dialogue about my materials, inspiration and process. All for the unbelievable price of $30. It is available at...

ARC Finalist

Acquiesce, oil/linen, 30x60
My painting Acquiesce has been selected to be part of the 12th Annual Art Renewal Center Salon. Congratulations to all the artists who were included in the show.

Southwest Art Feature

Blue Variant, oil, 18x18
I have a feature article in Southwest Art this November. Here's the link below. Check it out. Hope you enjoy it.

Next Workshop: October 21-23

Discussing photo reference
I’d like to thank all who attended my summer workshop. It was a fun week and I enjoyed spending time with everyone. My next workshop is October 21-23, 2016. More information on my website... I hope you can join me.

New DVD-Ccoming This Fall

Due to popular demand of my first painting DVD "River Bend", I just finished shooting my new video, "Winter Tangle". My friend Christopher Libertino aided me in filming. It will be going into post-production soon -- look for it this Fall. Lots of information -- it issure to be an informative video.

Artnot Art Museum 75th Regional

My painting Extinguished is on display at the Arnot Art Museum in Elmira, NY. It has been included in the 75th Regional Exhibition. Here is my statement about this painting...
My work focuses on the narrative landscape. Trees serve as the subject matter and inspiration for many of my paintings. From the saplings to the scarred, I explore symbols of humanity: life and death, growth and change, rebirth and sustainability. I find a human connection—a universal scenario. Extinguished is one of a pair of paintings that makes up the body of work PassageGenesis is the painting of birth, where you have a small sapling growing in the shadows and coming into the light. Extinguished is the end of life as symbolized by the last light of the day hitting the top of the tree. Now that this tree is dying, lichen is flourishing, vines and creatures occupy the physical space of the tree, it sustains life… nature’s cycle. 
If you're in the area, stop in. The show will be there all summer…

Work In Progress: Pre-Dawn, 60x84

A few more passes needed.
The entire surface of the canvas has now been touched.  A solid  block in. Now the real painting starts.  It's like building a house. lot happens very fast and the real work slows drown.
Closeup center left. This is typical block in that I enjoy. Lots to do
Third pass
Second pass
First pass

Planning for Light

Scouting a location
This is a location that I have painted many times. Watching the weather, I knew that there was a snowstorm coming and that the morning after would be crystal clear. The sun would rise in a cloudless sky which will yield some wonderful color and opportunities for a wide color palette. 
I knew the sun would rise at 7:18 AM which meant that I would have to be in place by 6:45.  Since I would be at the location before any sunlight, I know it will be cold. Dressing warm enables me to be comfortable and makes it easy to wait for the light. 
Getting to a location early, I can be in place with my camera, setup and be ready to go. I also clear the ground where I am standing so that my feet will not be cold. I look for composition with a dynamic array of shapes. Now I just need to wait for the light. In the photograph above, there is the slightest hint of warm light hitting the main tree trunk in the foreground. It is the warm light of the sky, just before sunrise.

In My Glory

Went out this morning after the snow and was rewarded with a magnificent array of color. I will be posting more about how to wait for light.