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The End of Genesis

Working on Genesis, 72x72 inches
Putting some of the final touches on Genesis. This painting completes my White Pine Suitewhich has been an ongoing series for the past two and a half years. Genesis and it's companion Extinguished, which can be seen in the background, complete Passage which is the final section of this body of work.

Travis Workshop

Start of a painting demo
Just finished a 3 day workshop at Travis Studio. Our host Lauren Travis was most gracious and provided a wonderful environment for us creative types. Thank you to all artists who participated and for their hard work and putting up with my dumb jokes. I appreciate the giggles very much. There are more photos from the workshop of Barbara's blog, Life with Peter.

2012/13 ARC Salon

Sunlit Grass, oil/linen, 36x36
Extinguished, oil/linen, 72x72
Two of my paintings, Extinguished and Sunlit Grass, February, have been selected to be part of the 2012/13 Art Renewal Center Salon. Congratulations to all the artists who were included in this terrific show.