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Planning for Light

Scouting a location
This is a location that I have painted many times. Watching the weather, I knew that there was a snowstorm coming and that the morning after would be crystal clear. The sun would rise in a cloudless sky which will yield some wonderful color and opportunities for a wide color palette. 
I knew the sun would rise at 7:18 AM which meant that I would have to be in place by 6:45.  Since I would be at the location before any sunlight, I know it will be cold. Dressing warm enables me to be comfortable and makes it easy to wait for the light. 
Getting to a location early, I can be in place with my camera, setup and be ready to go. I also clear the ground where I am standing so that my feet will not be cold. I look for composition with a dynamic array of shapes. Now I just need to wait for the light. In the photograph above, there is the slightest hint of warm light hitting the main tree trunk in the foreground. It is the warm light of the sky, just before sunrise.