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Oil Painting DVD

Learn to paint light and atmosphere
Thanks to all who have already ordered my newpainting DVD "River Bend".  Joe of Westerville, NJ says,"I'm half way through the demo and it's fantastic! I took a three-day workshop with Peter this past spring. This builds upon what I learned and delivers so much more. He gives the reason for each color mix, brush stroke and composition choice. Love the disc! Can't wait to finish watching." 
To learn more or to purchase, visit...

NEW! Oil Painting DVD

Learn to Paint Light & Atmosphere
An early review of my new 5 hour oil painting DVD, River Bend,
"...Peter is excellent! One of the best fully explained demos I have purchased." --William from Murfreesboro, TN. To order or learn more, 

RayMar Art Winner

Lavender Roof, oil/panel, 6x8
I am honored that my painting Lavender Roof is a winner in this month's RayMar Art contest. Judge Marc Hanson writes.... "Talk about a painting full of sunshine! Peter's painting, Lavender Roof, makes me smile every time I look at it. His handling of the very intense, and complimentary, colors... red/green, blue/orange and yellow/violet... is done with flair and expertise. All of the rather intense color, yet the very quiet little 'lavender' roof makes itself the subject, amidst the otherwise overwhelming louder voices. The color scheme makes me feel optimistic and cheerful, the brush work makes me stare in amazement! Peter's skills are on stage, and should be admired, in this little jewel." To see all of the winners, go to

f you'd like to learn more about my working process in great detail, I'm offering a 5 hour oil painting demo DVD of another painting titled, River Bend, ava…

Wet Paint: Winter Splendor

This is pretty typical of the way I block in a painting. Very big shapes and very rough suggestions of where things can be. All I'm trying to do is feel the weight of the whole surface and try to search out a visual balance. All is kept very scrubby.

This is a close-up to show how simply things are blocked. I'm using a fairly large, like a size 10, flat bristle brush here. This brush is great for large bold strokes and used on it's edge or side or tip, much smaller marks can be made.
Now with all the different marks made on the horizon, the space is  defined for the first time.

With this addition of the tree line, I'm getting a good feeling of how this space and painting will progress.

I'm at the 2.5 to 3 hour mark which is typical for a painting of this size, 30x40 inches. Now it's time to look at the painting and assess what needs to be done.

At this point, virtually everything in the painting is blocked-in accept for the dark cloud at the top. Now it's …

DVD Signing

Today I will be at the Travis Gallery in New Hope, PA signing my new DVD, River Bend, from 1-4. My show, Ambient Notes, is still on view through November 24th. Hope you can stop by.

DVDs on Their Way

Our local post lady, Ro with DVDs
The first wave of the first batch of DVD orders headed out into the artistic world. This is our local post lady, Ro. She's very excited about our new endeavor and so are we. Free shipping on all orders until midnight tonight. Order at...

DVDs are Here!

Help me get rid of all these DVDs
They're here and by that I mean my new painting demo DVD "River Bend". Free-shipping on all orders through midnight, Friday November 15th. And many thanks to all who have pre-ordered, they will be going out tomorrow. For more info or to order, visit

Artist's Magazine, Honorable Mention

Sunlit Grass, oil/panel, 36x36
Sunlit Grass, February has been awarded an honorable mention for landscape in the Artist's Magazine 2013 Annual Competition. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists. I also have an article in the magazine, "Road Test", page 84-86. I was asked to try out Arches Oil Paper, it has some interesting possibilities, take a look.

Landscape Painting Demo DVD

I am introducing a new DVD that will be officially released in mid November. We are now taking preorders. If you're interested, take a a look....

Travis Gallery Opening

Talking painting
Thank you to all those who came to the opening last night. I appreciate it very much. It was wonderful to see all of you -- new faces as well as familiar ones. I enjoyed all our conversations immensely. A truly successful event. The show runs through November 24th.
EXHIBITION INFO... Peter Fiore: Ambient Notes November 2nd - November 24th 2013

Travis Gallery Opening Today

Winter Splendor, oil/panel, 30x40
EXHIBITION INFO... Peter Fiore: Ambient Notes

Travis Gallery Preview - 1

Winter Stream, Late March, oil/linen, 30x40
EXHIBITION INFO... Peter Fiore: Ambient Notes

Travis Gallery Preview - 2

Lavender Roof, oil/panel, 6x8
EXHIBITION INFO... Peter Fiore: Ambient Notes